Advance International

Dust Collector Bags

As a quality driven firm, Advance International offers optimum quality product that is Dust Collector Bags. Made from the finest quality material, offered product is used for dust collection and equipped with cylindrical scrubber bags or pleated bag filter cartridges. Meant for pulsejet, reverse jet online cleaning techniques, Dust collection bags are installed on a wire cage and mainly. Contact us for purchasing Dust Collector Bags in small and bulk quantities.


Description : Advance International offers quality product for dust collection using cylindrical scrubber bags or pleated bag filter cartridges.dust collection bags are installed on a wire cage and mainly meant for pulse jet, reverse jet online cleaning techniques.

Features :

  • "AI” offers filters bags for flue gas, exhaust gas and scrubber gas filtration.
  • The filter bags are cylindrical type with double snap band type  or flanged collar type.
  • The filter bags are available with various Treatment for better filtration efficiency and high Temp. resistance. i.e. graphite coating / PTFE treatment & Resin impregnation.
  • The filter bags are provided with proper back support at neck and bottom portion to avoid wear and tear due to higher length of bags and cages.
  • “AI” filter bags are available using Woven Or Non-woven fabrics.
  • “AI” offers metallic Woven / Non-woven filter bags for High temperature applications using SS316L wires / fabrics using 100% Welded construction.
  • MOC - Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyamide,  Acrylic,Homo-polymer,Glass Fiber, Ryton, PTFE, SS316L
  • Type - Snap band, Collar, ring - stitched
  • Filtration Efficiency - 1,3,5,10

Applications : Cement Industry (Raw / cement mills, kiln, clinker cooler, coal mills and packing plants), Flour mills, metal mining and quarry, sugar , pharmaceutical, chemical, fertlizer, viscose. dyestuffs and pigments, thermal power plants, battery, electroplating, beverages, dairy, refind oil, detergents etc.